7 Natural Remedies For Migraines

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Home Remedies For Migraines

You don’t want to poison your body with toxic medication, but when your head is bursting from a migraine, you have to do SOMETHING! Plan ahead and next time you feel a headache coming on, you can try one of these pure, safe and natural home remedies for migraines.

Breathe Your Headache Away With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the most powerful home remedies for migraines. This type of cure will be different for each person. It depends on what smells trigger certain feelings.

Lavender ThumbAmong the essential oils best known for easing the pain of migraines are:

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5 Common Migraine Triggers

Have you ever had a migraine headache?

Migraines and headaches afflict many people – if you or a loved one are one of those unlucky who regularly suffer from migraine headaches,  you know how debilitating that crushing pain can be. You cannot sleep, you cannot work, you cannot get away from it.

Like most ailments, they don’t happen for no reason. What causes these headaches can vary as widely as the people who suffer from them. Migraine triggers vary from person to person.

Sometimes the solution is simple. For example, we know an executive who gets up at 4:30 AM every weekday for the commute to work. Every weekend when he slept in to catch up some much needed rest, he woke up with an excruciating cluster headache. The solution was simple:

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Bad Trans Fat Destroys Your Health

How Bad Trans Fat Causes CHD & Other Health Risks

Part 4 of 4

Trans fats are bad and harmful to your body in a variety of ways, including your blood and how they prevent your cells from doing their job.

How Trans Fats Cause Coronary Heart Disease

When you eat anything containing these thicker, denser, artificially created trans fats, your blood also becomes thicker and more viscous.

Heart Disease From Hydrogenated Oil

Consuming trans fats or hydrogenated oils contributes to high blood pressure when the heart has to work so much harder to pump blood throughout the system. Thicker, gummy blood, can lodge in the arteries and build up arterial plaque.

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What Are Trans Fats?

What Are Hydrogenated Oils and Trans Fats?

Part 3 of 4

To understand how hydrogenated oils and trans fats are created, and how they differ from the molecules our bodies are expecting from its fuel, let’s look at the elements involved:

  • Fatty acids and
  • Types of fat

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are an essential part of lipids, the fat-soluble components of living cells. They are organic, as they contain both carbon and hydrogen molecules.

Fatty acids are acids produced when fats are broken down. Used for energy by most types of cells, fatty acids also help the body process cholesterol (both LDL and HDL cholesterol, in the proper ratio, are vital materials for our bodies to function properly). More importantly, fatty acids help rid the arteries of cholesterol build up.

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History Of Hydrogenation

When and Why – Brief History of Hydrogenation

Part 2 of 4

The first patent to hydrogenate liquid oils was filed in 1902, and by 1911 Procter & Gamble began marketing Crisco, made largely from partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil.

Butterfat was in short supply, thus the less expensive whale and fish oil were hydrogenated. Soon after, the U.S. began to import soybeans for protein.

What to do with all that leftover soybean oil? Hydrogenate and market as a substitute for butter, of course!

The marketing agenda ramped up during the shortages of WWII, and the myth that margarine was healthier than butter (made from that devil, saturated fat) was well underway.

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No Trans Fat!

Trans Fat Or Hydrogenated Oil
Pure Poison In Your Body!

Part 1 of 4

While mainstream science and medicine are still railing against saturated fat (although there is evidence to support the health benefits of some saturated fat), at least there is finally total consensus about the dangers of hydrogenated oils:

No level of trans fat and hydrogenated oil is safe to consume.

Health Damage From Trans Fats

Trans Fat is complete poison in your body and should be the number one item to remove from your diet and avoid at all cost. There is no moderation to be discussed in this case.

The direct correlation with CHD, and implications of other modern symptoms of aging are not worth the convenience or cost savings of these bad trans fats. Consider the ways hydrogenated oil and trans fat can destroy your body and well-being:

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Are You Toxic?

Do You Need A Body Detox?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years (and a cave might be healthier than our homes!), you’ve been bombarded with news about “toxins,” “toxicity,” “detoxing,” “body detox” and the associated poisons, cures and cleanses.

Did you ever wonder exactly what those words mean?

Like millions of other health-conscious people, you may have accepted these terms while sub-consciously asking yourself:

  • “What exactly IS a toxin?”
  • “How does a toxin harm me?”
  • “What are the benefits of removing toxins from my body and environment?”
  • “How do I know if my loved ones and I are toxic?”
  • “How do I perform a body detox, and then keep myself pure and clean?”

Spraying of pesticides and herbicides is a pretty obvious toxin, whether in the field growing your food, around the office building where you work, or in your own home and garden. So is the pollution from cars and the air surrounding many cities.

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Staying Pure In A Toxic World

Awash In A Sea Of Toxins

If you’ve been paying attention for awhile, you may be bored of hearing that we live in a toxic world. But if you are just becoming aware of the dangers of toxic overload, then you might be shocked when you learn that almost everything we are exposed to is potentially poisonous.

The so-called “advanced” industrialized era bombards us with chemicals and poisons in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the products we put on our skin. Let’s not forget cigarettes, alcohol, toxic illegal substances, plus OTC and pharmaceutical drugs…

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